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861 Cadets at Remembrance Day


The Air Cadets of 861 Silverfox Squadron have been a very well established youth group in Abbotsford for over 35 years.  It is a program that develops in youth a sense of:

  • citizenship

  • leadership

  • physical fitness

  • while also promoting an interest in the aviation and aerospace industry.

 The program is offered to young people ages 12-18 years with activities such as:

  • Flying

  • Biathlon training

  • Music/Band training

  • Marksmanship

  • Effective speaking

  • Ceremonial Drill training

  • Leadership skills

  • First Aid training

  • Sports and Fitness

There is a core aspect of training that focuses upon positive, healthy lifestyle and life skill development, outdoor survival training, leadership and responsibility development. Teamwork and self-confidence is a focus of the Air Cadet program. It is a civilian and military supported group with no obligation for youth to pursue military service or a military career.

This program has the vast capacity to attract all types of youth; currently, the Abbotsford Squadron has over 100 youth registered.  The flying program is a huge attraction for some in that a young person has an opportunity to take Familiarization flights at their local airport.  If inclined and motivated, a youth also has the ability to obtain their Glider Pilot License and/or Private Pilots License through the Air Cadet program – all at no cost to the cadet.  These are offered through a variety of summer camp training centers located across Canada.  All cadets have the choice of going to a summer camp training experience to enhance their core training learned at the squadron level. A very popular Summer Scholarship Camp available is the International Exchange;  in the past few years, 861 Silverfox has had cadets go to Israel, Turkey, and the USA.

Academic Scholarships are a large part of the support that the Air Cadet League of Canada provides the cadets in this program.  Depending upon the area of interest, a cadet can apply for post-secondary education scholarships or scholarships in continuation of their pilot career.

An amazing amount of positive training, youth development and personal improvements are happening in our youth involved in the Air Cadet Program here in Abbotsford and across Canada.

Without the support of the local Squadron Sponsoring Committee (part of the Air Cadet League of Canada) and the core training provided by the Department of National Defense (DND), this program would not be as great as it is and continues to be and develop.

The Committee and DND remain in a solid partnership in providing the cadets what they need for their cadet experience.

Any of the training and experiences that are not supported by DND is the responsibility of the local Sponsoring Committee. The Committee is a Registered Charity and files Canada Revenue Agency Charity reports yearly.  The Committee operates under the umbrella of the Air Cadet League of Canada with utilizing approved bylaws and following ‘Guiding Principles for a Squadron Sponsoring Committee’ as set forth by the Air Cadet League.

861 Silverfox is a very well-established squadron with the benefit of having their own facility located at:

#14 – 32470 Haida Drive in Abbotsford’s Exhibition Park

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