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The more, the merrier!

Without volunteers the Cadet Program simply would not exist. We need the help of volunteers and we also need to ensure the safety of our children (Cadets). If you wish to volunteer/ help out with the Cadets on more than two occasions throughout the Cadet year we strongly encourage you to become a member/ volunteer of the ACLC. Stop in at the office for more information on this process.

Sponsoring Committee Executive

Chair Person - Darren Wennerstom

Vice-Chair - Dean Fuller

Secretary - Robert Mowat

Treasurer - Sheryl Mawdsley

Member at Large - Amanda Thiessen

Role and Responsibilities:

One of the requirements in forming a Squadron is that the proposed unit has a Squadron Sponsoring committee. The main areas of responsibility for the Squadron Sponsoring committee are:

• Finding and maintaining suitable quarters to house the Squadron
• Financing and raising funds to pay all those costs of squadron operations that are not covered by the Department of National Defence.
• Recruiting of cadets
• Organizing social events
• Housing for cadets (facility)
• Allocate training funds, monitor spending, financial reporting to Air Cadet League and Government, grant applications
• Maintain Charity Status and its reporting responsibilities
• Making comments through the Provincial Committee to the Region commander regarding the appointment, promotion, transfer or release of CIC’s for their Cadet Squadron
• Transportation of Cadets
• Social Events
• Supplies for the cadet Competitive Teams – Drill, Band, First Aid, Biathlon
• Insurance for Cadets ( League fees)
• Cost of maintaining Familiarization Flying Aircraft
• Familiarization Flying expenses
• Recruiting of new cadets
• Meals for Cadets
• Band Instruments/repairs
• Music
• Fundraising for all Squadron activities
• Telephone
• Hydro/Gas
• Alarming of Building
• Building Insurance

On a National basis, individual Squadron Sponsoring Committees generate in excess of $6.5 million annually in supporting their units, while provincial committees raise in excess of $1 million. Quite apart from the financial considerations, however, are the efforts of the thousands of Air Cadet League volunteers across the country in assisting Squadrons and Squadron Sponsoring Committees in meeting their objectives.

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